Previously to his career as a massage therapist, Chris used to work for the Metropolitan Police Service as an administrator and after qualifying as a therapist, twice provided his services as a masseur for the Metropolitan Police Athletic Association Sports Day at Hendon Police Training College.

After a few years working in his first spa, Chris felt there was room for improvement, which led him on the path to finding a good teacher in the UK who taught him Tui Na and then moved to China to continue his studies at Zhejiang Provincial TCM Hospital, where he gained a certificate and whilst in China fulfilled one of his lifelong ambitions by studying Kung Fu, Tai Chi and learning more about the culture.

After returning from China, for a total time of 7 years Chris worked at establishments such as Bliss, Equinox and The South Kensington Club et cetera, where he fused Tui-Na into spa based treatments and received a number of flattering comments upon his style of massage, especially at Bliss. Even though Tui-Swe is not regarded as a spa therapy, most clients whom Chris treated, especially the ones with injuries, were amazed by the results of his treatments and usually gave positive feedback to management, with even some leaving reviews on the internet.

Chris has massaged a number of celebrities during his time working for establishments, but now he is slowly gaining his own celebrity clients  and recognition from TV presenters, Hollywood actresses, models  and reality TV stars etc.

Do note that everybody, regardless of status, occupation, race or gender, gets the very best 5 star treatment, especially tailor made for you, so if you would like to experience a quality massage treatment, then book a massage with Chris.