After a turbulent flight which was delayed, really slow moving queues at customs, a pounding headache with neck & shoulder pain, my taxi ending up in a traffic accident and arriving to my hotel much later than expected, all I wanted was a good massage considering how late it was.
My concierge recommended Chris, who luckily for me was available and arrived within 70 minutes of placing my call.  Awesome, miraculous and a truly gifted masseur are the words which come to light in regards to Chris. My whole body felt great, my headache was gone and I slept the best that I have ever slept in years.

Zainab Mahmud
I highly recommend Chris. I’ve been getting massages for neck and back pain for more than 10 years, and Chris’ work has been by far the most effective. His insightful approach has helped me identify the roots of my pain and discomfort that others have missed, and his knowledge about how to address discomfort through a variety of approaches is unbeatable.
Jeremy Lutz
Chris is an amazing masseur and his Tui Na massage is incredible. I have had an injury which was being worked on by a Personal Trainer and Phsyio. The difference after a massage from Chris was noticeable for days.  The mixture of techniques he uses is rather unique and gets rid of all knots and tensions in the body. Chris is very reliable, very professional and incredibly pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend one of his massages.
Alan Brown
Director of Licensing
Sony Music
Having lived in many countries and travelled around the world frequently where I seeked professional massage therapy, I can honestly say that Chris is by far one of the top masseurs I have ever come across!

And I highly recommend him.

Clio Goldsmith
I have used Chris’s services for the last year. I often have problems with my upper back and shoulders as a result of my writing posture and intense workouts. Chris has unique techniques, a hybrid of Eastern and Western methods that really helped in improving my concerns. I always get a massage when ever I feel like I need to ‘heal’. After he does a series of hand semantics I am put to sleep – and often wake up not sure where I am- it’s like being transported into another world for an hour! Not only are his treatments unbeatable, but he is one of the most polite people I know!
Sidi Duke

I can only highly recommend Chris’s Massage therapy. The mixture of technics he uses is rather unique and gets rid of all knots and tensions in the body. His very unique style of massage is very relaxing for body and mind. Chris is very reliable very professional and incredibly pleasant to deal with.

Sarah Startup

I often have pain in my lower back and carry a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders as well.  Chris is excellent at working out the tension and relieving the pain.  Chris’ skills and experience make for a perfect massage which is both relaxing and therapeutic.  I see him for a massage every time I travel to London.
Donna Greene

Chris is a great masseur and provides an excellent service for home visits. He will always tailor his massage to any specific problems and is flexible regarding timing and always punctual. A great way to enjoy a massage in the privacy of your own home.

Joan Major
Having been an athlete in my younger years, I was lucky enough to have access to some of the top therapeutic specialists globally. I have also been blessed to have travelled extensively and had treatments from the best spas in the world. I can state unequivocally that Chris ranks at the top in my books. I will continue to seek out his services for years to come.
Susan Baxter
As a stressed out finance professional living in London, Chris’s in-home treatments became absolutely essential to my well-being. From his extremely professional demeanor, to his effective massage technique, Chris provides an all around first-rate service. I would recommend him to anyone.
Paige Brotherton
I’ve had the please of meeting Chris and having a massage from him on several occasions . Besides his vibrant personality, his deep knowledge of muscles and tissues protrudes through his hands . I am confident to say anyone who will receive a treatment from Chris will benefit.
Camilla Chiodi