About Chris

Chris used to work for The Metropolitan Police Service as an administrator, but after years of working in an office, the appeal started to wear off, so Chris decided to study a subject which would send him down another career path. At the time he was not sure what to study, but after giving it much thought, he decided to go to college to study massage therapy.

Whilst working in the MPS, there was some scope for Chris to use his massage skills on an unpaid basis where he provided pre & post massage treatments for officers at the Metropolitan Police Athletic Association Sports Day at Hendon Police Training College and also at New Scotland Yard where he raised funds for The Breast Cancer Campaign charity at the time.

Eventually gaining a part-time job at his first spa, where he worked for four years, Chris felt there was room for improvement and thought to himself, when it comes to natural therapy, which people are the best. Well, his answer was the Chinese, so he decided to surf the net, where he found out about Tui Na medical massage therapy. This led him to find a good teacher in the UK who taught him Tui Na and then several months later, Chris moved to China to continue his studies at Zhejiang Provincial TCM hospital, where he gained a certificate, and whilst in China, fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams of studying Kung Fu, Tai Chi and learning more about the culture.

As a leading masseur (massage therapist) in London with almost twenty years experience within the industry, Chris has worked at a number of establishments, especially some of the most prestigious and leading establishments, namely K West Hotel & Spa, Equinox Fitness Club, The South Kensington Club and his favorite Bliss Spa Chelsea, where he worked for 5.5 years and which was the birth place of Tui-Swe, for it was there he first started to fuse Chinese Tui Na into spa based massage and body treatments, gaining awesome results, repeat bookings, new requests and providing him with a degree of uniqueness which set his treatments apart from his colleagues, as he was the only therapist who was doing this at the time.

Now on a mission to provide five star treatments to people whether that be white/blue collar workers, CEO’s, actors, scaffolders, models, athletes, DJ’s, musicians, celebrities or persons from any other walks of life who use massage as a preventative/rehabilitation treatment, or who just likes to be pampered, but who appreciates skill, quality and experience, Chris will provide this at your home, hotel room or workplace, as well as helping charitable causes and collaborating with seasoned health & beauty professionals in their chosen fields.



I have used Chris's services for years now. I often have problems with my upper back and shoulders as a result of my writing posture and intense workouts. Chris has unique techniques, a hybrid of Eastern and Western methods that really helped in improving my concerns. I always get a massage when ever I feel like I need to 'heal'. After he does a series of hand semantics I am put to sleep - and often wake up not sure where I am- it's like being transported into another world for an hour! Not only are his treatments unbeatable, but he is one of the most polite people I know.


Great treatment and calming music combined with a great model of care and a very professional therapist. I like it!

I have been looking for someone that could deliver an amazing massage and I found. You are absolutely fantastic, knowing exactly what I need. Thanks for making my day with your 90 minutes of total relaxation!