To provide quality massage treatments fusing ancient and new tried, tested effective techniques. Our aim is to restore maximum efficiency in the human body, which in turn also improves overall mental and spiritual well-being.

The Tui-Swe vision is to provide quality integrative therapy, which uses techniques wherever in the world they may originate from, making sure to learn and apply interesting techniques, that are found to be most useful and to discard what is not, in order to add to Tui-Swe therapy, plus to use these skills in order to help as many charitable causes as we possibly can.



We respect our work, ourselves, and our clients by honouring each party’s schedule and time.

Whether bringing treatments to you via a mobile service, or visiting Chris, the aim is to maintain an environment that is and feels welcoming, and safe, as well as knowing that you will be treated in a warm, caring, and professional manner.

Every treatment given is one that is specifically tailor-made, which uses the best techniques in order to help achieve the desired effect for the individual, making sure that 100% of effort, quality, and dedication is given in the treatment.

Chinese characters of the word Philanthropy

Using massage therapy, not only to help clients but to help highlight and raise funds for charitable causes (especially where it comes to human beings), is something that Chris is very passionate about. We aim to work with selfless people, companies, and organizations, who do not think about just making a profit for themselves or taking advantage of people solely for their own gain, but who is empathetic for what Chris is trying to do (regardless of the charitable cause) and who are willing to give Chris the opportunity, to do more good in this world, wherein this day and age, there is a lot of inconsideration, discrimination, selfishness, greed, and vanity.

One of Chris’ tutors used to say that massage is love and I must say, that Chris does love his profession, as well as love for other cultures, making connections, using his skills for good, helping people in pain, and embracing humanity as a whole etc.

More than just meaning heart, this Japanese word (kokoro), is used to express that genuine and passionate way of service delivery, which the Japanese are world-renowned for and who have inspired us to provide a better service.

Chinese characters of the word Hospitality

Omotenashi, another Japanese word, which is translated as hospitality in English, has more of a nuanced meaning, which encompasses the anticipation and fulfillment of a client’s/guest’s needs and Chris does his best to achieve this from the beginning to the end of your treatment/spa journey.