Saturday 1st April 2023


Elements Hair Salon
23 Rupert Street, London WC1 9RT


From April 2023, Chris will be using his skills to raise funds for two charities, which help women and children.

Prices have already been slashed here, for ladies who book a massage treatment with Chris at Elements Hair Salon provided that you make a small donation (minimum £5) to one or both charities, via links Chris will send you and to which must be in the same name, as you have paid for via this site. If you cannot do so, but you have already paid to attend, do note that the balance for the full amount, will be required in cash when you turn up for your appointment.

For those of you, that wish to receive a mobile massage treatment at your home/hotel, you can also get discounted treatments, provided you live within an area Chris covers and that donations are paid first. Contact us directly via our contact page or send us an SMS for this option and to learn more.


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