TUI-SWE 60 minutes

Tui-Swe is a fusion of Tui Na, Lomi Lomi, Swedish and other massage styles etc. It was developed by Chris after working in a number of establishments, where he found that once he incorporated Tui Na into spa based relaxation therapies, that the effects and results of the treatments were much better.

Using an arsenal of techniques from Western and Eastern massage therapy gives this a treatment a different dynamic from a stand-alone massage treatment. Particularly the element of the Tui Na massage with the use of manipulations, stretching and various techniques, really help qi (energy) flow, are effective in treating tightness, injuries or chronic pain and the Swedish/Lomi Lomi element really helps to make you feel relaxed and feels good.

Tui-Swe is specifically tailor-made, not only to suit an individual’s body’s needs but to touch you on both a mental and spiritual level too.